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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of TopWeddingWebsites.com?
Our purpose is simple: To showcase some of the Internet’s hottest wedding sites ranked by popularity. Visitors can find the best wedding sites to handle all their wedding requirements in one spot. Vendors with high-quality wedding-related websites can be found easily without spending an arm and a leg on advertising.

Who can join, and what does it cost?
Only wedding and honeymoon-related sites may be added (all others will be removed) and our basic service is free. We reserve the right to reject any site we deem inappropriate. Check our Terms of Service by clicking Here.

How exactly does this work?
Click on "Add Your Listing" and fill out the form. Your site will be automatically added after you add the voting code to your page, and at least one hit is sent to the voting script when the next system re-rank occurs. Ranking is updated every 10 minutes. All counters are reset once a week. You must send at least 1 vote in every 24 hours to be included. The more votes you send, the higher up in the rankings your site will be listed, and the more exposure (and traffic) you’ll receive. We will e-mail you your USERNAME and PASSWORD which you can use to change your account information, view your stats, and get your customized linking code and TopWeddingWebsites banners. Remember, it pays to place your voting link in a prominent spot!

How do I read the stats?
Rank — your current position on TopWeddingWebsites.com
Title & Description — your website title and a short description
Hits — traffic to TopWeddingWebsites.com, generated by the link on your site
Votes — traffic sent to your site from your listing on TopWeddingWebsites.com

My site isn’t appearing. Why not?
If you just signed up, you have to wait approximately 10 minutes before you appear on the list. Because the list is reset once a week, you need to send at least one click through to be placed on the board. Sites that do not place the voting links on their sites or do not receive any votes are subject to removal. Please do not click your own link more than once per week — our software will know if you do and your account will be cancelled without notice.

Can I advertise on TopWeddingWebsites.com?
Yes! Advertising with us is extremely easy and affordable. If you are interested in advertising with us, simply click the "advertise" link at the top of our home page and follow the instructions.

My site has been deleted and I can’t login to my account! Why?
This may be due to several reasons. Your site has not received any votes, you never placed the voting links on your site or your site is inactive. Your site may have been deleted or locked by the administrator because your site was unsuitable for our program, because of a violation of our Terms of Service, or because of suspected cheating. Depending on the circumstances, you may be eligible to re-join.

What if I forget my password?
No problem; we’ve all done that. Simply send us an e-mail with your account e-mail address and we’ll be happy to help.

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